Copilot System



Automaton for Rationing

Since the enterocolitis epidemic in 1997, rationing the feed of rabbits has proven effective in improving conversion rates and intestinal problems. Unfortunately, the automation of feed distribution by timers does not allow precise, progressive and homogeneous distribution of the feed. The Copilot Progress LAPI solves these problems by adapting to the needs of new and existing facilities. Copilot Progress LAPI, a precise and useful automaton.


  • It ensures a progresive and uniform growth: The Copilot Progress LAPI system allows to divide and ration the feed in order to improve the daily intake of the animals. It manages each row independently, taking into account the speed of ingestion of the animals and the type of row (maternity, fattening …). It also ensures the uniformity of distribution of feed from the first to the last trough.
  • It saves time and food: Copilot Progress LAPI works with a feeding plan that ensures a progressive increase of the daily rations in accordance with the age of the animals. It calculates daily the number and time of meals to be distributed. This way, the amount consumed is optimized and the most of food  consumption is made.


  • A forecasting and security tool: At any time you can look up the record of daily feed consumption for each of the rows, ensuring a good monitoring of the evolution of the animals. In case of an eventual malfunction (significant decrease in feed consumption, faulty level sensor, engine fault, etc …) a message with date and time is recorded. Upon arrival, Progress LAPI informs you of the latest events.
  • Water control: COPILOT Progress LAPI has 2 inputs (1 per room) to measure water consumption and thus to be able to track the progression of the water consumption.
  • Light control: The COPILOT Progress LAPI specially adapted lighting programme for fattening and maternity houses allows the time control of lights.
  • Convenient and useful: Equipped with an attractive graphic touch screen and 4 interactive keys with icons, the programming of the COPILOT PROGRESS LAPI is easy and fast. Moreover, it only requires your intervention once, at the start of each flock.
  • Versions: COPILOT PROGRESS LAPI is made ​​in 2 versions: for the management of 8 rows of troughs or for the management of 16 engines.




No Outputs



LAPI PLC 8 feeders program + 1 Box 8 switches Auto-stop-manual

230 VAC / 50Hz

8 On/Off contacts

1 of 270x220x110

1 of 190x240x110

3,5 kg

1,0 kg

LAPI PLC 16 feeders program + 2 Boxes 8 switches Auto-stop-manual

230 VAC / 50 Hz

16 On/Off contacts

1 of 270x220x110

1 of 190x240x110

3,5 kg

2,0 kg

Volumetric water meter 2500 l/h

1 impulse

2,0 kg

Electro-valve COPILOT for Water: 100 l/min.

230 VAC / 50 Hz

1 On/Off contact.

Output 26/34 mm

0,5 kg

Optionally, we can provide the protection and control box for engines, with the controller LAPI already integrated and connected. For this option, ask for a preliminary study.

For feeding sources other than the established by European regulations, please contact us.

COPILOT PROGRESS LAPI exceeds the requirements of the main European standards