Copilot System


Management » COPILOT NATURA 2

Static evolutionary regulation

Simplified management and comprehensive environmental control for pigs, poultry, rabbits, fatteners, etc.


  • Water-tight PVC box with colour high resolution touch screen.
  • Help keyboard with 4 keys. 
  • 3 inputs for temperature sensors, 2 inputs for environment ones and 1 input for outdoor one.
  • 2 inputs for hygrometry, located sensor or positioning potentiometer.
  • 3 contacts for alarm, cooling, heating or geared motor.
  • 2 analogical outputs 0-10V for geared motor, heating, power box and ventilation.
  • Power 230V–50hz. 
  • Power 24 VCC for motorized valve.
  • Measures, mm:  190 x 240 x 110
  • Temperature sensor is delivered with a 10m cable. 
  • It includes installing and management instructions.
  • Wi-fi Connection (Optional): Remote access via Internet to information and to change parameters.



  • Simple programming with icons.
  • Instant reading of temperatures and ventilation flow.
  • Minimum ventilation and temperature rule according to age and weight.
  • Temperature curves.
  • Automatic adjustment, depending on outside temperature.
  • Alarms for power supply and temperature. 
  • Automatic correction of the alarm settings for temperature, depending on outside temperature.
  • Clearing out function.
  • Keeps data in case of power failure.


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