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Automatic Blind

Currently, the optimization of environmental parameters on rabbit farms is achieved through automation of the air intake to obtain and maintain a constant air inlet speed regardless of the level of ventilation.

For years, the industry has considered different solutions but none of them has been fully satisfactory.

Bearing this in mind, we have developed the KIT AIR LAP system, which is especially designed for rabbit farms.


  • Easy to assemble: which facilitates the work of the installer. The assembly ensures a perfectly tight air inlet.
  • A complete solution: In the AIR KIT LAP, all the necessary elements are included. The gear motor with limit switch box enables the automation of all the air inlets in a room.
  • A reliable solution: especially for rabbit farms, it offers a simple and effective solution to the problems related to the installation of the air intakes. The gear motor is adapted to every need..


The LAP AIR KIT includes all the elements required for each air inlet.

For each air inlet the kit includes:

• 1 tube of 3 meters long
• 1 bearing for the tube with bracket and screws
• 1 blind 2 x 2.50 m (can be made to measure)
• 1 rod of ballast
• Screws and rivets
Provided for each room are:
• 1-phase geared motor with stainless steel brackets.
• 1 limit switch box with its gearwheel

With stainless brackets

limit switch