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Central regulation

COPILOT CONTROL 3, the microprocessor designed for modern poultry farmers to welcome the new era.

A SINGLE EQUIPMENT FOR A TOTAL MANAGEMENT: Natural or dynamic ventilation, heating, mixing, misting, lighting programs, water or food rationing, alarm connection, etc. A single device does all regulation functions of your poultry farm; now from everywhere.


COPILOT CONTROL 3 assembles the most experienced and traditional technical solutions with the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art.
  • Computer touch screen that allows access to icons, curves, graphics and text, quickly and comfortably.
  • Multifunction home screen with immediate access to 14 important menus:
    • Animals / Age
    • Temperature curves
    • Humidity
    • CO2 levels
    • Level of depression
    • Record of maximums and minimums
    • Heating
    • Windows and ridge vents
    • Ventilation groups and circulating fans
    • Misting
    • Feeding
    • Water consumption
    • Lighting
    • Alarm
    • etc.
  • Wi-fi connection that allows access to information and modify the parameters that should be rectified from everywhere. (Optional)
  • Update and backup via SD card.


  • Waterproof PVC box for wall mounting.
  • Colour touch screen (240 x 128 pixels).
  • SD memory card.
  • Help keyboard.
  • 5+2 inputs for temperature sensors.
  • 1 input per a humidity sensor.
  • 1 input for a CO2 or an NH3 sensor.
  • 1 input for depression measurement.
  • 2 inputs per water and food measurement.
  • 6 inputs for position potentiometers, for windows and ridge vent.
  • Up to 6 independent window motor controls.
  • Up to 3 heating or mixing controls.
  • 2 lighting controls.
  • Misting on/off control.
  • Up to 4 circuits for water and food supply.
  • Progressive ventilation output.
  • Up to 16 independent ventilation groups.
  • 1 NC (normally closed) contact for alarm.
  • Wi-fi connection.
  • 230 V 50Hz AC (alternating current) power supply.
  • Management of hatches, windows and ridge vents.
  • Management of ventilation groups (16).
  • Evolutive rules depending on the age of the animals: temperature curves, humidity, air needs, etc.
  • Automatic adjustment of the regulation based on outside temperature, environment humidity, depression, CO2 levels, etc.
  • Management of cycles and alternations.
  • Management of progressive or on/off heating.
  • Management of automatic cleaning of heaters (pyrolysis).
  • Management of progressive or on/off lighting.
  • Alarm for feeding, temperatures, humidity and water and food consumption.
  • Automatic correction for alarm start-up due to over temperature, based on exterior temperature.
  • Data preservation in case of power failure.
  • Management of buildings with static, dynamic or mixed ventilation 
  • Suitable for any ventilation system (tunnel, combined, transversal, chimneys, etc.)
  • Issued with installer’s and user’s manual.

COPILOT CONTROL 3 exceeds the requirements of the main European regulations.