Copilot System



High pressure misting

COPILOT FRESH is a high pressure misting system manufactured with stainless steel. It is the definitive tool for facing the summer with security.


  • Cooling
  • Disinfection
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Ammonia removal
  • Fumigation


  • High pressure equipment: 100 Bar.Detalle boquilla
  • Watertight: Metal over metal, without rubber joints and built with material resisting to pressure and the fluid effects, all rust proof.
  • Easy mounting: It is delivered in a kit, without joints, with screws that can be fixed even without keys: it is not necessary any type of welding.
  • Reliable: Pressure group with a hydraulic discharge system (without electro-valve), special winding and ceramic pistons. 
  • Effective disinfectant: A special protection allows compressing water at 70ºC temperature. This is why we get vaporization saturating very rapidly the air of the house, thus favouring an ideal disinfection.
  • Sturdy: We can use other solvents, e.g. the most aggressive acids (they are needed for cleaning the lime) without any danger for the equipment.
  • Easy cleaning: With a specific programming we can get the softening of surfaces before cleaning the house.
  • Given the urgency of a heatstroke and thanks to its easy assembling, can be put in service by the farmer himself on time. Subsequent maintenance will be minimal and inexpensive.


  • Pressure group installed over placeholders, with an integral protection layer.
  • A 1.450rpm triphasic motor, up 2cv to 10cv.
  • A 120 bar pressure pump with ceramic pistons.
  • The entire group is installed over a “silent-bloc” plate.
  • Polyester tank with filling buoy and safety cap.
  • Safety system for lack of water.
  • Nozzle 100% rust-less, with anti-dripping valve.
  • Flexible high pressure hoses (180 Bar).
  • Stainless steel pipes 304L quality without joints, supports 220 Bar.