Copilot System



MFP and MFX gutter profiles for Cooling

MFP and MFX profiles for Cooling panels is: a simple product, disigned to facilitate the installation of Copilot Fresh Cooling evaporative panels in any of their applications.


  • Farms and Greenhouses
  • Industry
  • Cooling
  • Cheap Maintenance
  • Easy Installation


  • MFP fastening profiles: Profile made of phosphotized galvanized steel (Pluvimag) in dark colour.
  • MFX fastening profiles: Profile made of stainless steel, especially suitable for installations at corrosive environments or with high percentage of corrosive elements.
  • Distributor element: The pipe that runs through MFP and MFX systems sprays the distribution panel through small holes to wet panels evenly.
  • Water supply kit: Composed of all necessary elements for the connection of water and its supply to the panels, as well as for the drainage of non-evaporated water back to the tank.
  • Submersible pump: It allows supplying and recirculating the water from the tank to the panels, provided with a float that deactivates the pump in case the water level in the tank is too low.
  • Mineral discharge:  The mineral discharge valve allows to easily control the salinity level of the water in the tank. The drainage of part of the water to the circuit before sending it to the panels, allows to maintain the same level de water hardness and it avoids harmful consequences as la calcification in the system.
  • Assembly and disassembly: Ease of assembly and disassembly to be able to inspect the water distribution group, to be able to clean and replace panels when needed.


  • Possibility of replacing panels and checking water distribution pipes easily.
  • MFP canal made of phosphotized galvanized steel in dark colour (Publimag).
  • MFX canal made of stainless steel, suitable for installations at corrosive environments.
  • Supply water kits include all necessary elements for its connection.
  • Water tanks of 500 l and 1000 l.
  • DOC pumps are provided with a system to deactivate in case of low water level in the tank.

Canal and panel breakdown

Pipe installation and accessories breakdown

Copilot Cooling panel dimensions and pipe output diameter