Copilot System



Central regulation

Innovation in the continuity

The COPILOT CONTROL success principles are kept: COPILOT CONTROL WEBISENSE is still your co-pilot in the farm.


  • A pleasant Interface: A large high resolution colour touch screen (26,4 cm diagonal) for easy control of all parts of the building.
  • Affordable parameters in an intuitive way.
  • Big loading capacity: Available memory during several months, registering environmental conditions and consumption records.
  • Connectivity: Ethernet and USB ports. 
  • Web server Technology: Any local net or access to Internet allows to go into WebiSense as if you were in the site.
  • Reliability and security: Interface of internal help that allows access to all parameters, independent of the touch screen.
  • All type of ventilation: Static, dynamic or mixed ventilation. Includes a new way of usage in order to manage the buildings with double ventilation system (transversal, longitudinal, etc.).


Management of a building up to 3 zones

  • Up to 9 independent inlets. Control by depression and temperature difference.
  • Up to 16 ventilation groups On/Off controller: cyclic, progressive, permanent and combined. 
  • Signal 0-10V in progressive ventilation.
  • Up to 3 independent heaters On/Off or progressive, cyclic or exterior. 
  • Up to 3 circulation fans On/Off or progressive.
  • Serving up to 3 feeding circuits and water dispenser lines. Hourly controlled or by quantity.
  • 4 timers
  • 3 outputs for lighting, On/Off or progressive. Hourly or cyclical programs.
  • 1 output for cooling On/Off or progressive with cycles.
  • 1 output for thermostat On/Off for several usages.

Many control measures

  • An external temperature sensor to control influences automatically.
  • Up to 6 inside temperature sensors.
  • Up to 2 hygrometry sensors to have more accurate control.
  • Electronic depressiometer.
  • 6 inputs for feed and water counters.
  • Weather Station.
  • CO2 and NH3 sensors.