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Automatic Poultry Scale

The Opticon DWS-20 is a comprehensive data management system designed for the modern production which requires a large quantity of information.

The unit DWS-20 incorporates a poultry weighing system, records of temperature, control and alarm of water and feeding for poultry farms.


  • The scale, being suspended from the ceiling, is not in contact with aggressive agents of the litter. Thus ensuring greater durability.
  • No wire passes through the soil reducing the possibility of damage by birds or by ammonia.
  • The large surface of the scale allows easy access to birds, which results in a greater number of weighings.
  • The scale does not get imbalanced despite of birds being constantly on the plate.
  • A large number of weightings per day, including heavier birds at the end of fattening period.
  • For animals raised in cages, we use a perch as weighing scale.
  • It is the only scale that controls the daily weight gain during the life of the chicken, in combination with control of temperature and feed intake.


The system measures and records the weight of the bird during growth. It is suitable for use with broilers, breeders, birds reared in cages, ducks and turkeys. Its unique principle ensures maximum precision. The scale is fixed to the ceiling, which allows a large number of weightings to be taken with high reliability.

The DWS-20 scale allows knowing, at first glance, if the weight of the animal is consistent with that for its age. Also an alert will display if it detects an anomaly in the normal growth rate.

It also gives access to very useful information: bird age, average daily weight and average growth in the last 24 hours, difference between target and current weight, number of weightings, standard deviation, coefficient of variation (CV) and uniformity.

The system incorporates standard weight curves pre-programmed for different strains of bird such as Cobb, Ross, BUT, etc.


The temperature is automatically recorded, allowing potential problems related to weight and water intake to be detected early.

All the values previously mentioned ​​are recorded during 50 days: the data recorded can be checked during that period. By connecting the DWS-20 to a local PC or with a modem to an external device, we can obtain information through graphics and even store the crop information for reference.


  • This unit offers the best, most complete and quick information to optimize production.
  • You can get the slaughter weight, in a much more accurate way within £ 1%, so that you can plan better for slaughter.
  • You can make a large number of weightings easily, without stressing the animals.
  • The system is suitable for any poultry species.
  • No maintenance is required as the electronic parts and the cables do not come in contact with the litter or the animals.
  • Provides greater control of production, increasing productivity.
  • Monitors weight, environment and water and feed consumption.

OPTICON is a registered trademark of H&F Electronics BV, a manufacturer in the Netherlands. COPILOT System: the official representative and distributor for Spain and Portugal.