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Short Wave Infrared Heater

An innovative way of heating farms.


  • Speed of heat: The heat of the IRC SOL COPILOT is immediate and very high performance: in less than 1 second, 85% of electricity is transformed into heat rad This feature results in significant energy savings and greater efficiency.
  • Effectiveness: it produces energy by direct radiation which is not altered by the environment (air flow, humidity, etc.) and it is an excellent way to provide heat when and where you need it.
  • Ecology: the IRC SOL COPILOT emits radiation similar to the Radiation is a clean source of energy which doesn’t consume air or produce moisture (in contrast to other sources of energy which do it).
  • Quick installation: The stove IRC has a locking system that allows for permanent placement on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. It has 2.5 m long cable with standard plug 2 x 10 A. + T + T
  • Ease of Use: IRC COPILOT can adjust the heat output to the management controller PROGRESS COPILOT or through a box of progressive power.


The range of COPILOT IRC SOL stoves offers 3 models that are perfectly suited to any type of premises.

ModelPower (W.)Number of pipesWeightDimensions (mm.)
COPILOT SOL IRC 1000100013,5 kg540 x 210 x 110
COPILOT SOL IRC 1500150013,5 kg540 x 210 x 110
COPILOT SOL IRC 2000200013,5 kg540 x 210 x 110