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Three-Phase Geared Motor with Potentiometer

The COPILOT AIR motors are known by their simplicity of operation and for their precision when executing commands from the regulator.

In addition, these features remain unchanged over time and provide the precision needed for this particular task.


  • Accurate: The potentiometer feature allows an accurate regulation which is not altered by the continuous movement of the window.
  • Comfortable: The disengage system is simple and reliable, so that it can be done without removing any parts.
  • Reliable: It is guaranteed by one of the most important motors manufacturers in the world.
  • Easy installation: The control and connection box can be disassembled to ease the fitting or to change the location of the gear motor. It is possible to remove the box from its normal location to perform works on it. The l limit switches can easily be modified by moving two stop screws which are easy to access.
  • Versatile: A single geared motor can be adapted to different window and opening models (pulley, tube or rack) with maximum compatibility.


The COPILOT AIR motors are available in  a range of powers to suit  every need.

  • Single-phase model  up to Kg(for cable)
  • Three-phase up  to 60mN.(for ½” tube)
  • Three-phase up to 120mN
  • Three-phase up to 240mN

An ingenious system of gears allows the engine to adapt itself to the type of window.

  • 2.5 turns maximum. -> Up to 300 mm
  • 5 turns maximum -> Up to 550 mm
  • 11turns maximum. -> Up to 1200 mm
  • 16 turns maximum. -> Up to 1800 mm


  • Wall-mounting brackets for fitting to the wall.
  • Cuffs to attach a tube of 26-34mm diameter.
  • Aluminium pulley of 40mm. Diameter for winding ropes.
  • Chain kit.
  • Hand crank for manual operation of the motor.

Bearing tube

Tube cuff   


Chain kit